durafoot® Square

The durafoot® Square provides a fast & economical system for mounting fencing, M&E and rooftop services, including air conditioning, refrigeration and solar systems.

  • The durafoot® Square is available in two standard sizes; 350x350mm and 500x500mm
  • The durafoot® Square has a central mounting hole to fit 41x41 Unistrut type channel framework or 50x50 to fit SHS standard hollow box section. However, the durafoot® Square can also be manufactured with different sizes of mounting hole to suit your own local industry standards or requirements
  • Framework locates securely into the central mounting hole and sits onto a heavy-duty steel plate that is moulded into the body of the durafoot®
  • Recessed drainage slots in the base of the durafoot® Square to allow water run-off
  • Fixing holes permit the durafoot® Square to be bolted down for extra stability (using M10 hex head bolts)
  • Each durafoot® Square has a designated recess for attaching your rectangular branded name plate
  • The one-piece construction of the durafoot® Square means that there are no loose parts, minimising on-site aggravation and reducing assembly time
  • The durafoot® Square products are also offered in 12Kg and 25Kg weighted versions for additional ballast – ideal for solar installations, fencing applications and projects in exposed environments
durafoot® 350 (41x41) 350x350mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 350 (41x41) Heavy @ 12kg 350x350mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 350 (50x50) 350x350mm / Core 50x50
durafoot® 500 (41x41) 500x500mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 500 (41x41) Heavy @ 25kg 500x500mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 500 (50x50) Heavy @ 25kg 500x500mm / Core 50x50