Perfect support for...
rooftop plant, temporary fencing, platforms, containment, cabling & pipe runs, condensers, heat pumps, duct runs, access walkways, solar panels, chillers, air conditioning units

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What is durafoot®?

The ideal support solution for all flat roof, plant room and fencing installations, including air conditioning & refrigeration systems, solar frame structures, access walkways and cabling/pipework.

Moulded from heavy duty, UV stabilised, re-cycled SBR rubber, the durafoot® range offers durability and reliability at highly competitive prices, utilising an economical and environmentally sensitive manufacturing process.

  • durafoot® is easy to install; it is a single-piece part, so no irritation with separate pads.
  • durafoot® is fully compatible with all Unistrut type channel, brackets and framework.
  • durafoot® offers significant anti-vibration characteristics.
  • durafoot® systems ensure there is no penetration of waterproof roof membranes.



Who are we?

We manufacture the durafoot® range of rubber support feet, framing systems and associated rubber products.

Our new, well-equipped factory is located in the prosperous city of Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Its location benefits from a progressive local economy, excellent links to major transport hubs and close proximity to Qingdao’s international sea port, which is just 2 hours away by road.

We can manufacture your orders for durafoot® and supply directly from China, or you can choose our preferred stockist in your region for fast delivery from their stock.

With 100% of our production exported to customers worldwide, we are totally committed to providing quality products and an honest, reliable service.


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Perfect size perfect shape...

Made from heavy duty recycled rubber the Durafoot range offers durability and reliability at highly competitive prices.

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The durafoot® Square provides a fast & economical system for mounting fencing, M&E and rooftop services, including air conditioning, refrigeration and solar systems.

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The durafoot® FX range of mounting blocks offers a simple and economical solution for securing and carrying cable tray, pipework and ducting without the need for a framing system.

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From stock or made to order...

We hold huge stocks of standard products, but also manufacture and modify to your specifications.

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durafoot® Product Range

durafoot® 350 (41x41) 350x350mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 350 (41x41) Heavy @ 12kg 350x350mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 350 (50x50) 350x350mm / Core 50x50
durafoot® 500 (41x41) 500x500mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 500 (41x41) Heavy @ 25kg 500x500mm / Core 41x41
durafoot® 500 (50x50) Heavy @ 25kg 500x500mm / Core 50x50
durafoot® FX 250 + Pre-Galv Steel Channel 250 x 100mm
durafoot® FX 400 + Pre-Galv Steel Channel 400 x 100mm
durafoot® FX 600 + Pre-Galv Steel Channel 600 x 100mm
durafoot® FX 1000 + Pre-Galv Steel Channel 1000 x 100mm
durafoot® FX 250 Low @ 50mm + Pre-Galv Steel Channel 250 x 50mm
durafoot® FX 400 Low @ 50mm + Pre-Galv Steel Channel 400 x 50mm
durafoot® BALLAST WEIGHTS 10kg / 15kg /20kg Per requirement
durafoot® H-FRAME incl. 2 x durafoot 350 Per requirement
WALK WAY MAT Per requirement
STEEL FRAMES (bespoke) Per requirement


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Then there's the extras...

We don’t just do the feet! – We can manufacture and supply any support system you need.

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Bespoke Rubber Components

Our in-house manufacturing facility can offer a wide range of moulded rubber products, including ballast weight blocks, anti-vibration strips/pads and walk-way mats, produced according to customers’ designs, samples or drawings.

We fully respect the commercial confidentiality and intellectual property rights of our customers and acknowledge the investment made by them into their products. We will not offer products which have been specially developed with a customer to any other company.



Steel Framing Systems

We can also supply standard H-Frame kits and bespoke steel framing for use with durafoot® to support rooftop services, plant/equipment, access walkways and solar installations.

Our standard & bespoke framing configurations can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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